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When shit hits the fan. Literally.

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Shit hit the fan (SHTF) A slang expression for a chaotic or otherwise unfavourable outcome.


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Username: Cedarjet

...I can, however, relate the tale of an AA 727 where a lump of frozen toilet waste accumulated on the side of the aircraft in flight (I believe this was over Oklahoma) before breaking off. It hit an engine (nos 1 or 3), which did indeed fail and depart from the aircraft. A rare moment when the metaphor became literal (wait for it): the shit hit the fan.

Username: Eddieho

How did the lump of toilet frozen waste accumulate outside the aircraft?

Doesn't the plane store its waste and only gets removed in the plane? Or do they actually eject the matter into air, and God forbid anyone standing under the plane when someone flushes. (When you flush it the vacuum does make it sound like its going out of the plane).

Username: Ltbewr

...As to the 'stuff' hitting the fan, it isn't uncommon for leaks of a/c toilet systems, often from the access port to remove waste. As the 'stuff' leaks out, it will cling to the side of the cold a/c, and if a sufficient amount acculmates or as an a/c decends into warmer air, then it will separate from the a/c. It isn't uncommon for chunks of a/c waste to fall off an aircraft and cause damage on land, including houses and there are numerous reports of that. On some a/c of course, it could enter the engines and damage them as noted above.

Username: Broke

There have been at least 4 727's that have lost the #3 engine due to ingestion of ice that had accumulated on the fuselage from a leaking lavatory service panel. The first being a National 727 in 1973 or 1974 (old age)...


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