September 15th, 2013


Однажды в Мексике.

One notable Armored Car used by Villa was built in 1914 on a Standard truck chassis, designed with steel wheels so as too be able to run on rails, it could also be adapted to run on land as well. It is reported to have been driven by two Americans. Some sources state the vehicle had a mounting for a machine gun, but it was never seen or photographed in this configuration. It was supplied with at least six firing slits for riflemen. Ejercito Constitucionalista Division de Lagvna Brigada Zaragosa (Constitutionalist Army Brigade Division Lagvna Zaragosa) was painted prominently on each side, as you can see by the photos. It is also rumored to have been designed by Villa himself, and built in a foundry in El Paso.

Also according to a lot of first had accounts, and war memoirs, the Constitutionalist armed a truck (Type Unknown) with an armored shield and an old Federalist Gatling gun. What a site that must have been, unfortunately no photo exists.

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