January 13th, 2015


Сами с усами 2.

Al-Bana is no longer used by Hamas; intelligence sources indicate that it was replaced in 2003 by the more sophisticated Al-Batar. It is a one meter-long anti-tank rocket with a six-inch caliber, containing a mortar and with a range of up to one kilometer. It carries at least four kilograms of explosives and can hit precise targets, but it must be mounted on the ground. It is operated by remote control, which means the operator can be located at some distance away.

Википедия приписывает руководство разработкой девайса Аднану аль-Гулу. Согласно Хамасу, впервые Аль-Батар был использован в январе 2003-го; утверждается, что ракета попала в танк.

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