March 14th, 2021


Ноги, крылья… главное - хвост ! 3


Прицепы для танков и САУ - фича в мировой практике известная. А вот прицеп для пехотинца - это, кажется, новое слово...

Wild Goose (wild goose) electric delivery system, a new product developed by Israel’s Marom Dolphin company... The structure of the wild goose is actually very simple, the shape is a bit like a trolley, and there is a connecting device on the top that can be connected to the soldier's belt. With a built-in electric motor, all the soldiers have to do is to guide the direction and control the speed. The wild goose can move forward under the operation of the electric motor. The main body of the wild goose is composed of aluminum alloy and polymer, which is light in weight and tough in structure. According to tests, it can operate normally in rugged terrain and bad weather, saving soldiers a lot of effort. At present, Marom Dolphin has developed two delivery systems. One is a 2×2 version with a maximum load of 60 kg; the other is a 4×4 version with a maximum load of 120 kg. The latter can even be used as a stretcher temporarily to help soldiers transport the wounded. The motor has a cruising range of 20 kilometers, and the battery replacement is very convenient, ensuring that the delivery system can work for a long time.

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