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Приколы нашего городка.

A report issued by the US Copyright Office takes Wikimedia's side in a debate between a nature photographer and the organization. According to the report, the 'selfie' captured by a black crested macaque on David Slater's camera cannot by copyrighted since it was created by an animal.
Nature photographer David Slater's photos of crested black macaques may look familiar. On a trip to Indonesia in 2011, one of the monkeys he was photographing grabbed his camera and proceeded to take hundreds of photos of itself. The resulting 'monkey selfie' did the rounds on the internet, bringing Slater a lot of press and the photo wound up in Wikimedia Commons, an online repository of free images. Mr. Slater has asked Wikimedia, the organization behind the Commons and Wikipedia, to take down the image and respect his copyright, but Wikimedia sees things differently. Since the photo in question wasn't taken by Mr. Slater but rather the monkey, Wikimedia maintains that the copyright does not belong to the photographer.


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