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Но мы еще дойдем до Ганга !

Если уж речь зашла об израильских приключениях советской М-46, то вот ещё одно развитие темы - 155-миллиметровая M-46S для индийской армии. Как следует из нижеприведённых источников, в начале 2000-х Солтам поставил 180 стволов; сборка производилась на государственном заводе Gun Carriage Factory в Джабалпуре. Упоминаются проблемы с качеством стволов, не позволявшие достигнуть расчётной дальности; и что проблемы были в конце концов решены. Писали о планах Индии продолжить перестволивание М-46, но похоже - своими силами. По последним данным, испытания девайса были завершены в январе 2020-го, к концу марта армия должна получить 18 экземпляров.

Ствол - 155мм / 45
Масса - 8850 кг
Длина в походном положении - 11.7 м
Дальность - 39 км снарядом с донным газогенератором
Из прочих фич упомянут пневматический досылатель.


As part of its Field Artillery Rationalization Plan, the Indian Army is upgrading the 130mm M-46 Field Gun into the 155mm Field Howitzer. An initial batch of 180 guns were upgraded to the 155mm/45-calibre standard by Soltam Systems Limited of Israel. Defence Minister Pranab Mukherjee, at a Parliamentary session in December 2004, stated that the modernisation contract for 180 guns signed in March 2000 was worth $47,524,137. A MoD press release, dated 29 November 2001, stated that upgrade began at the Gun Carriage Factory in Jabalpur with 180 kits supplied from Israel. Jane's Defence Weekly reported in March 2005, that 36 guns had so far been upgraded to equip two artillery regiments.

The project was suspended by the MoD in mid-2002, because of quality problems. Indian Artillery gunners stated that the upgraded guns could not hit their claimed targets of 40 km, as expected and was considerably less than what had been stated by Soltam. This was indeed surprising, as during demonstration trials by Soltam at Pokhran, Rajasthan in 1997-98, one M-46 field howitzer upgraded to the 155mm/45-calibre standard was successfully test-fired using extended range base-bleed ammunition out to a range of 39 km.

Moshe Charash, Soltam's President - in an interview to Jane's Defence Weekly in February 2004 - stated that the problems with the upgrade program were successfully resolved. This was confirmed by Army Chief, General J J Singh who stated in March 2005 that the problems centered on the barrels and breech blocks of the guns and have been fixed. Soltam was expected to provide kits to further retrofit 220 to 250 guns locally. Thus a total of 400 guns are earmarked for upgrade, but it remains to be seen how many will actually receive a new lease of life. This deal has yet to be signed and may never reach fruition considering the experience with the first batch of 180 guns.

(Bharat-rakshak, 2009)

The Indian Army on 10 September approved the release of four Soviet-era M-46 130 mm field guns to four local contractors that will upgrade them to 155 mm/45 calibre standard. Industry sources told IHS Jane's that the guns would be handed over to Bharat Forge, Punj Lloyd and Tata from the private sector and the state-owned Ordnance Factory Board (OFB) sometime in October. The four companies, which will be allowed to form overseas tie-ups for the upgrade, will have 12 months to complete the retrofit before offering the guns for trials. Thereafter, one gun will be shortlisted and its vendor awarded a tender to upgrade 300 M-46s. The OFB and Israel's Soltam upgraded 180 M-46s to 155 mm/45 calibre under a USD 45,524,137 contract awarded in 2001; they equip 10 artillery regiments.
(Jane's, via, 2014)

The upgraded 155 mm artillery gun Sharang was successfully test-fired at the Long Proof Range (LPR) of Ordnance Factory Khamaria in Jabalpur district of Madhya Pradesh on Tuesday. The gun, indigenously upgraded from 130mm to 155mm/45 calibre, has a striking range of 39 kilometres. Programme Coordinator (Sharang) Brigadier Jayant Kar said the first batch of 18 artillery guns will be inducted into the Army by March end this year. The gun went through integrated firing check on different parameters ranging from 0 degree to 45 degrees on Tuesday at the Long Proof Range at Khamaria...

The official said that Gun Carriage Factory (GCF) in Jabalpur had won the global contract to upgrade the Sharang artillery gun. The upgradation work was carried out by the GCF with the help of the state-owned ordnance factories, and teams from the Army and DRDO, he said. The ‘Made in India’ artillery guns will be supplied to the Indian Army from Gun Carriage Factory, Jabalpur and the Ordnance Factory, Kanpur. Its commercial production is likely to begin soon. The Vehicle Factory Jabalpur (VFJ) has been tasked to assemble 12 Sharang gun systems. Sharang gun systems will also be equipped with night vision sensors which would allow the armed forces to target the enemy at night. The 155 mm Sharang gun is an upgraded version of Soviet-era 130 mm/52 calibre M-46 field guns. The original version has a striking range of 27 kilometre.

(DNA, via, 2020)

Индия, 2009:


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