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Войны, конечно, нет и не предвидится...

...но так писать нельзя: король народ обидится. Что и было продемонстрировано Садату на том самом параде 6 октября 1981 года, на котором сфотографировали этот Паттон. Согласно SIPRI, США поставили Египту в общей сложности 1827 танков M60A3 в 1981-2002; то есть это была, вероятно, их первая демонстрация. Вдобавок, 108 M60A1 прибыли в 2002-м из Австрии.

Иордания получила 82 M60A1 в 1980-м, 100 M60A3 в 1984-м и ещё 88 в 1996-8; в 1980-м Ирак прислал 36 экс-иранских M60A1. В 2009-10 66 M60A3 были перепроданы Ливану.

Египет, парад 1989-го:

"Война в заливе", 1990:

Учения Bright Star 94:

Каир, 2011:


Исламисты на Синае, 2014:

A high-resolution video released on 14 November by the Sinai Province of the Islamic State - a radical Sunni group that previously called itself Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis - showed... the large suicide vehicle bombing that began the 24 October attack, which targeted an Egyptian Army mechanised detachment that was dug in and equipped with at least two M60 tanks, two M113 armoured personnel carriers, and one YPR-765 armoured fighting vehicle. Gunmen in at least two pickup trucks then assaulted the position to hunt down and kill the survivors of the bombing. The soldiers managed to get one of the tanks running, but chose to flee rather than fight militants armed with RPG-7 rocket-propelled grenade launchers. The militants then had sufficient time to remove weapons, ammunition, and equipment from the position before the military responded. The equipment captured apparently included two 82 mm mortars, five .50 machine guns, four 7.62 mm FN MAG machine guns (two of them co-axial weapons taken from the turrets of armoured vehicles), about 20 AK rifles, and night-vision equipment.

Те же и там же, 2015:

Иордания, 2002:

SOFEX 2006:

Учения, 2013:


Ливан, 2013:




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