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The M60 Phoenix is a Jordanian upgrade of the M60A3 main battle tank. It was developed by the King Abdullah II Design and Development Bureau (KADDB). The ageing M60A3 poses little threat to modern main battle tanks, due to inferior armament and poor protection. The M60 Phoenix is a cost-effective modular upgrade package with increased lethality, mobility and survivability. Four battalions with a total of 182 M60A3 tanks were upgraded to the Phoenix standard.

Armor protection of the M60 Phoenix was significantly increased. Add-on armor packages were added to the hull and turret. The Level III/IV upgrade package involves installation of explosive reactive armor. This MBT is fitted with a laser warning receiver and smoke grenade dischargers. Vehicle is also fitted with automatic fire suppression and NBC protection systems. It is worth mentioning that protection of the M60 Phoenix can be reconfigured depending on mission requirements.

A 105-mm rifled gun was replaced by a Swiss RUAG fully-stabilized 120-mm smoothbore gun. It is compatible with all standard NATO 120-mm tank ammunition. Firepower and lethality were significantly improved. The Phoenix can fire accurately on the move, while the previous M60A3 was unable to engage targets while moving. The new gun is fitted with load assisting system. It is claimed that the M60 Phoenix has a maxim rate of fire increased to 6 - 10 rounds per minute. Secondary armament consists of coaxial 7.62-mm machine gun and another 12.7-mm MG mounted on top of the roof. The M60 Phoenix is fitted with Raytheon's integrated digital fire control system. It has improved first round hit probability, comparing with its predecessor. The Phoenix is also fitted with digital data bus. The M60 Phoenix has a crew of four, including commander, gunner, loader and driver.

Vehicle is powered by the General Dynamics diesel engine, developing 950 horsepower. It has improved acceleration and cross-country performance comparing with the M60A3. Furthermore improved hydropneumatic suspension system allows to increase weight of the M60 Phoenix to 62 - 63 tonnes without significant loss of mobility.


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