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Минимальное необходимое воздействие 2.

The 155 mm HM41 howitzer was developed to meet the requirements of the Iranian ground forces and in appearance is very similar to the Republic of Korea upgraded M114, which is called the KH179. A number of facilities in Iran are involved in the manufacture of this weapon including the Hadid Armament Industries Group of the Iranian Defence Industries Organisation (DIO). This facility supplies the 155 mm/39 calibre barrel. The 155 mm HM41 howitzer has been offered on the export market but as far as it is known there have been no export sales of this weapon...

According to Iranian sources, the 155 mm/39 calibre HM41 weighs 6,890 kg and firing a rocket-assisted High-Explosive (HE) projectile, a maximum range of 30,000 m can be achieved. Firing an unassisted HE projectile, a maximum range of 22,000 m can be obtained. In 2006 it was revealed that the Ammunition Industries Group of the Defense Industries Organization (DIO) of Iran had developed and placed in production a number of new artillery projectiles which have a significant increase in range when compared to currently deployed conventional artillery projectiles. This includes a 155 mm HE ERFB-BB artillery projectile which is claimed to have a maximum range of 34 km which is less than some comparable Western-produced projectiles of this type which typically have a maximum range of 39.6 km.


Наш Солтам тоже баловался установкой 39-калиберного ствола на M114, но обычным снарядом результат пулял только на 18-19 км, а с донным газогенератором 22.5 км. Иранцы, как видим, обещают обычным 22, активно-реактивным 30, и уж совсем странно - каким то новым снарядом с донным газогенератором целых 34. Очепятка ? Гон ? 34 км получены при помощи какого-нибудь более длинноствольного девайса ? Чистая правда ? ХЗ.





В 2011-м в сети засветился самоходный вариант:

И ещё раз всплыл в 2017-м, под именем Ашура и на другом шасси - IVECO Trakker 6x6:





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