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Двое из ларца, одинаковых с лица 2.


У израильско-аргентинского TAM VCLC-CAL мог быть брат VCLC-CAM (Cohete de Artilleria Mediano). Вместо 2*18 LAR-160 на то же шасси планировалось установить четырёхтрубную пусковую ракет MAR-350; но дальше бумаги, видимо, не пошло. В сети нашлось немного данных о машине - боевая масса 32.64 т, угол вертикальной наводки от 0 до 50 градусов, горизонтальной 88 градусов вправо/влево. И спасибо Олегу Грановскому, сохранившему статью из Джейнз:

The 350 mm MAR-350 artillery rocket was developed by Israel Military Industries (IMI) for launching from the same launch platforms as the 160 mm LAR-160 MRS (qv), but as the rockets have a greater diameter, each prepacked Launch Pod Container (LPC) contains only two MAR-350 rockets. Initial firing trials were carried out in late 1986 and by early 1988 the system was being offered by the Argentine TAMSE concern mounted on the locally produced TAM tank chassis known as the VCLC-CAM MRS; in Argentina the MAR-350 is known as the CAM-350. As far as is known this programme remains at the prototype stage. The present status of the MAR-350 programme is uncertain although development in Israel is understood to be complete. IMI were offering a Trajectory Correction System (TCS) for the MR-350.

The IMI 350 mm MAR-350 is approximately 5 m long and weighs 835 kg complete. The rockets are transported, stored and launched from prepacked and sealed LPC, each containing two rockets.

The MAR-350 rocket is propelled by a solid configured grain Hydroxy-Terminated-Poly-Butadiene (HTPB) motor weighing 320 kg and imparting a thrust of 24,000 kg for 3.3 seconds; empty weight of the motor is 157 kg. Starting with a launch velocity of 40 m/s the motor propels the MAR-350 to a maximum range of approximately 80,000 m with a flight time of 150 seconds; minimum range is 40,000 m. Trajectory apogee when fired to the maximum range from a launch angle of 54º is 28,000 m. Flight stabilisation is provided by four wraparound tailfins which, when extended, have a span of 790 mm and are 400 mm long at their hinges.

There are two types of warhead available, both weighing 334 kg and contained in a payload section 1.235 m long and located behind the ogive section. The ogive section can contain what is described as a low-cost TCS trajectory correction kit to make in-flight course corrections when engaging targets at long ranges. When this option is installed the overall length of the rocket is increased by 800 mm and the payload capacity may be affected. With the TCS correction kit installed the standard deviation at maximum range is stated to be 250 m.

One warhead is high-explosive fragmentation detonated by an impact or proximity fuze of undisclosed type. A second warhead is a cargo/cluster containing 770 CL 3022 Bantam dual-purpose bomblets produced by IMI.
Each CL 3022 Bantam bomblet has a diameter of 42 mm and contains 44 g of RDX shaped into a hollow charge cone inside the bomblet body creating, on detonation, anti-armour as well as anti-personnel effects. The Bantam uses independent impact and self-destruct fuzes and has an anti-spin streamer device which reduces body rotation for impact. Armour penetration at the built-in standoff distance is up to 105 mm. Following ejection from the warhead above a target, after the functioning of an unspecified remotely set electronic time fuze, the bomblets can be dispersed over a wide area.

Calibre: 350 mm
complete rocket - 835 kg
rocket at launch - 820 kg
rocket at burnout - 500 kg
propellant - 320 kg
empty motor - 157 kg
warhead - 334 kg
overall - 5 m
overall with course correction kit - 5.8 m
warhead section - 1.235 m
Max range: approx 80,000 m
Min range: 40,000 m
Flight time to max range: 150 s
Max height at max range: 28,000 m
Burnout time: 3.3 s
Average thrust: 24,000 kg
at launch - 40 m/s
at burnout - 1,200 m/s
at impact, max range - 750 m/s
Fin span: 790 mm
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