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Магнитная аномалия, которая всегда с собой.


RAMTA's Anti-Magnetic Mine Actuating Devices (AMMAD) are intended to actuate magnetic influence fuzed mines before a carrier vehicle reaches them. The AMMAD operates by projecting a fluctuating magnetic field some 3 to 5 m ahead of the carrier vehicle. Magnetic influence fuzed mines detect the magnetic field change and interpret it as a target vehicle. Two versions are available. One, the OnBoard AMMAD (OB AMMAD), consists of two magnetic field emitter units carried on the front hull of a tank; a control panel is mounted in the driver's compartment. The AMMAD does not interfere with other onboard systems and has a power consumption of less than 20 A at 24 V. System weight is approximately 113 kg. The second version, the Rolling AMMAD, is a roller device slung between mineclearing ploughs or rollers, and is also known as the Improved Dogbone Assembly (IDA). It may be used as a stand-alone or an add-on kit. This version operates by generating a magnetic field as a result of its rolling motion on the ground. Removal and installation are simple and do not require any special skills. The mobility of the carrier tank is not affected by the Roller AMMAD. OB AMMAD is in service with the Israel Defence Force, Italian Army, Swedish Army, Swiss Army, US Army and Marine Corps and various other customers. More than 1,000 AMMAD systems were delivered to the US Army and Marine Corps. Some were deployed during Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm.
(via Waronline, 2002)


Более новый вариант; весит порядка 200 кг, включая крепления.



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