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Наши сети притащили...

Unbeknownst to many, the state does in fact operate an official military museum. Though not exactly one of the nation’s most brilliant gems, it lies just off the highway running through Yarzeh, southeast of the capital. Adjacent to the Ministry of Defense and housed within a drab and unmistakably martial compound, the museum is marked by a landmark probably familiar to many motorists: an enormous conglomerated tower of beige concrete and rusty green weaponry. Designed and gifted to Lebanon in 1995 by an artist identified only as “Arman,” on the accompanying plaque, the imposing monument, with over a score of tank barrels protruding from its side, is entitled “The Hope for Peace.”
И ещё пара картинок: 1, 2.

Да, пострались... Количество бронетехники и артиллерии, замурованной в этот бетонный столб, впечатляет. Чериотир, Т-54/55, БТР М59, бывший израильский Шерман М-50, БТР-152, несколько Саладинов и Ферретов, Уокер Бульдог, AMX-13, несколько leFH 18/40, 25-фунтовка, Д-30, ЗиС-2 и ещё целая куча стволов которые я пока ниасилил...

Update: mr_fix и david_2 подсказали автора мемориала.
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